1. When Master Distiller David Nahmias began distilling Rye Whiskey he vowed to maintain a standard of excellence widely ignored by distilleries in lieu of the bottom line. Never wavering, he sources only the best Certified Organic Rye from New York Farms, then cooks the mash converting grain starch into sugar. Once cooled, he will mix yeast into the mash in a  1000 liter fermentation tank. Let to work it’s magic in an oxygen free environment, the inherent sweetness of the Rye starts to shine through.
  2. The cooked mash is allowed to cool over several hours, then added to one of our 1000 liter fermentation tanks, Master Distiller David Nahmias adds a measured mount of yeast to the tank. The tank is sealed, and an airlock added to allow gases out, but keep air out. The fermentation process lasts approximately 2 weeks.
  3. Once mash is pumped into the custom still, David Nahmias begins the hours long distillation process, coaxing the sweet rye essence by separating the alcohol from the mash.  He will then begin to “cut” the head, or first waste from the heart of the spirit, and finally removing the tails which can be disagreeable to the palette.
  4. The white, un-aged rye is around 145 to 150 proof as it emerges from the still. Filtered water is added to ‘cut’ the whiskey to 80 proof and then stored in 15-gallon barrels for approximately 18-20 months. David Nahmias uses a No. 3 char American Oak Barrel to temper the Rye and develop the well balanced and enjoyable flavor profile, while adding the signature pure caramel red of Legs Diamond Rye Whiskey.
  5. With the Mahia now ready for consumption, David and Dorit hand fill each bottle of Mahia using a vacuum bottling system. Once bottled, the stopper is inserted and a heat sealed wrapper added to finalize the process.
  6. Once the Rye has gleaned the rich caramel coloring, wafting notes of American White Oak and a hint of smoke from the aging process, David filters the Aged Rye whiskey and filters out all the sediment left behind from the small batch, 15 gallon charred barrel.
  7. Now ready to offer to the imbibing masses, David painstakingly hand fills and labels every bottle of Legs Diamond Aged Rye Whiskey to prepare it for sale.