Eau de Wha?

A restaurant owner, a bartender, a patron and a liquor rep walk into a bar… That’s usually how my days begins, and ends. As the Brand Manager of Nahmias et Fils Distillery, I find the path to success with our products weighs heavily on the messaging I bring to my audience. Inevitably, the blank stares […]

Did Someone Say Top 10?

Mahia, the national spirit of Morocco, is a fig brandy with a small dose of anise seed. Nahmias et Fils is the only source for locally-produced Mahia in the U.S. It’s inspired by a 1900 heirloom Nahmias family recipe. Master Distiller David Nahmias handcrafts small batches of Mahia in New York. It takes about at […]

Westchester Magazine Brews Some Bangin’ Punch

“Gather round the punch bowl, it’s Thanksgiving”, writes JULIE H. CASE. Wait, punch? Yes, punch. While everyone else is trying to decide what wine to pair with turkey, this year it’s time to invest in a new holiday tradition: an adult beverage served in an elegant bowl (or pitcher, if Grandma didn’t leave you her good […]

The Manual Makes Mahia Manly

“Morocco is one of the hottest destinations these days, both literally (it’s hot!) and in its cultural allure. Your mind might wander directly towards North African spices, but the country has something much sweeter to offer. Mahia, a local drink popular among the Jewish population, wants to carve out a spot in the international spirit […]

Reclining Figure #3

Clark Moore designed this cocktail specifically for Edible Westchester using Yonkers-distilled Nahmias et Fils Mahia, a traditionally Jewish/Moroccan spirit made with figs and anise seed. In addition, Moore is using Averell Damson Gin Liqueur produced by the Manhattan-based American Gin Company; it’s distilled in the Finger Lakes using plums grown by Red Jacket Orchards in […]

Los Angeles Magazine Recognizes Rare Boozes

We’re lucky Caroline Pardilla knows about Mahia, and luckier when she talks about us. The folks who live in Culver City off Washington Boulevard are really fortunate to be able to count two-year-old wine/liquor/plant store Bar & Garden as their neighborhood liquor locker. Imagine walking down to your corner liquor store and being able to […]

Whoa! NPR!

Alex Schmidt of NPR knows his stuff. And ours too. Before the crowds descend on the Whisky Jewbilee, a kosher alcohol tasting event in Manhattan, David and Dorit Nahmias stand behind their vendor table, getting psyched up. Read full article here

Let My People Go!

Sure, there are five cups of wine that are consumed as part of a traditional seder, but sometimes you still need a real drink on Passover. We really like Amanda Schuster. She always says nice things about us. And frankly, always says nice things. Read the full article here

The Village Has A Voice

Eve Turow has things to say. Not many people are familiar with mahia, but those who are rave of its flavor and medicinal qualities. Mahia literally means “water of life,” a direct translation of “eau de vie” — the French term for colorless fruit brandies, of which mahia is one. Mahia is a traditional Moroccan […]


With all the Thanksgiving hoopla (not to mention Black Friday shopping), no one could blame you for not realizing that Hanukkah has already started. Yes, the holiday is very early this year, but fortunately you have six more nights to make latkes, play dreidel and fix delicious drinks. Joe Dobias outlines the best Hanukkah Drinks! Read […]