Legs Diamond Whiskey

Legs Diamond Rye WhiskeyLegs Diamond Rye

We only use 100% organic rye sustainably grown from local farms. While legally, a rye whiskey only needs 51% rye, our 100% organic rye is mashed, fermented and carefully distilled without adding other grains like malted barley, corn or wheat.

The Story of Legs Diamond

Celebrity Prohibition bootlegger and gangster Legs Diamond enjoyed life and spirits, good whiskey and rye.  His nickname “Legs” was inspired by his dancing talent and ability to elude enemies.

While the turbulent times of Legs Diamond’s life in the 20’s and 30’s wasn’t peaceful, the spirits did bring calm to many. Our award-winning whiskey, made from only 100% Rye is smooth and elegant, yet offers a strong character.

Tasting Notes

“boldly scented … rounds to a nutty mid-palate and finishes feather-light, with a bounce of ginger spice.”-Wine Enthusiast, Summer 2016

“A very unique, rich and fruity rye! Lots of dark dried fruits on the palate – prunes, raisins, dates, figs, with sweet, malty cereal flavors…” – Amanda Schuster, Senior Editor in Chief at Alcohol Professor

“Bursting with raw honey notes along with splashes of saddle leather and more honey dripping on honey combs, the Legs Diamond Rye is immediately capitvating and bold…” – Warren Bobrow, Foodista

“This is one of the most impressive of the new wave of craft whiskies being created today.” – Astor Wine & Spirits

90 points Wine Enthusiast- Summer 2016

Gold Medal – The Fifty Best