Black, White & Fig

The apples and figs become the sweet detail to a peppery base. A great way to start the meal

½ oz Mahia
1/4 oz simple syrup
splash lime or grapefruit juice
4 apple slices
5 cracks of pepper
combine apple, pepper, and simple and muddle together in shaker. Add Ice, mahia and citrus. Shake strain over ice garnish with apple slice in a black pepper & sugar rimed glass



This ginger and chamomile iced tea is a wonderful way to finish the meal, and relax.

2oz Mahia
4 oz Ginger & chamomile sweet tea
fresh ginger

Muddle ginger and tea, in Collins glass add Mahia fill with ice. Garnish with candied ginger


Night in Casablanca

A classic old fashioned, where fig martini meets bourbon. How to night cap the night.

2 oz Mahia
¼ oz bourbon
1 oz dry vermouth
peychauds or angostura bitters
sugar cube



1 oz Mahia
1 oz Legs Diamond Whiskey
3 lemon wedges
½ oz simple syrup
ginger ale

In Collins glass muddle lemons and simple syrup. Add ice, mahia and whiskey. Stir top with ginger ale.


Above recipes developed by Kimberly Nagel